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Let it Glow!

With COVID and quarantine and 6’ of social distancing and all that buzz, we thought it would be fun to play into what seems like something most people are doing anyway...

Going Griswold for every holiday!

It seems that people have upped their game this year for all holiday displays so why not make a fun little contest that all residents can participate in, whether a small sentiment or the full Clark Griswold, all displays can be enjoyed from a safe distance while never having to leave the neighborhood. That seems to be the theme of the year, am I right?!

All we’re asking residents to do is this:

If you see a house all lit up and you think to yourself, “that’s nice!” Let us know!

If you’re the kind who takes great pride in your holiday lights crafting game, ain’t no shame!

Let us know! You can nominate yourself!

Either way, we’ll confirm with the owner of the holiday glow that they’re a willing participant in our little contest. You won’t find a photo of anyone’s house that hasn’t given us permission.

No addresses. Just photos.

We will take nominations from December 2nd– December 20th


We are accepting nominations in the Westgate neighborhood only.

Do two things:

1) go to the Westgate Community Foundation’s Facebook page and start following us

2) go to and sign up to receive our

communications. Because you’ll want to be notified when the nominations hit the Facebook

street and the voting begins on December 21st! Like or Love the one you think should win.

The picture with the most Likes by December 28th is our winner-winner-chicken-dinner!

The winner will be announced on December 29th and we’ll attempt to deliver prizes before the end of the year!

It’s really that simple and fun!

We are working on gathering donations from businesses that are close in proximity to the

Westgate neighborhood. If you or someone you know can donate a prize for our contest, please let us know! We love to keep it LOCAL! We will give big public shout-outs to our donors!

You may email us at or contact us on Facebook.

In all seriousness, we know the COVID-19 pandemic is real and it has affected many of us

personally because Nebraska has only about 2-degrees of separation. We also know that our

mental health suffers from a lack of connectivity and being able to do some of the things that bring us joy. That’s all this contest is about – it’s bringing JOY to our neighborhood and saying that we care about our neighbors, even if we don’t know them. We can care about our

neighbors by participating in this contest, whether you go out and buy 1,500 new bulbs to put up just for our contest, or you nominate someone, or you drive around and enjoy the glow in people’s yards, or if you never leave your house and you simply vote for your favorite online. Or you don’t vote...and you just get a little joy in seeing the work of your neighbors.

There are many ways to bring joy this holiday season.

And we hope this brings YOU some JOY this holiday season.

From all of us at Westgate Community Foundation,

Happy Holidays and a Safe and Happy New Year!

Good Riddance 2020!

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